Free download and use the greenest typeface in the world

Free download and use the greenest typeface in the world

By simply using the Garamond font as a replacement for Times New Roman, the White House could save millions of dollars in paper and ink. That was the approach made by the young Suvir Mirchandani in a request that reached Barack Obama's offices.

The Gray agency, we believe that based on the idea of ​​this boy, is the one that has developed this font that optimizes the use of printing consumption.

With great skill they have made the strokes of each letter are in turn composed of smaller strokes, so that the visual effect is the same as for a normal screen printing, quite legible –especially in small sizes– but in terms of ink it seems of course there are savings.

Although these types of inventions sometimes seek social awareness more than real savings, it is considered good even if it is only for that awareness aspect.

Ryman is free, if you want to try it you can download it in .OTF (OpenType) format.

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