The damage that junk food causes

The damage that junk food causes

By Vera Daya

I share this important article that tells us about the harm of junk food and what we can do to avoid this type of horrible diet. It is a drastic change and it will take you longer than going to a fast food restaurant, but it will lengthen your health, which is much more important.

Because the head of the Ministry of Public Education, Alfonso Lujambio Irazabal and Eduardo Patron Azueta, head of the Ministry of Education of Quintana Roo have given in supporting companies to continue selling their "junk products", so that these "registered trademarks ”Continue to harm the health of teachers and students; and that the SNTE "de la Charra Elba Esther" keeps a complicit silence in favor of transnationals and against Mexican children, see this small contribution that our colleagues who participate in the democratic teaching profession have investigated in this regard.

The harm caused by junk food:

Developing: There is not a good development due to lack of nutrients.

Study: Study capacity is diminished.

Impacts: Children have anemia and there are chemical disorders in it.

Obesity: Children become obese or overweight and lose self-esteem.

Diseases: It contributes to the increase in chronic diseases when they are adults such as diabetes, high blood pressure, alteration in lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides) and heart disease.

Drinks: Soda or any carbonated or caffeinated beverage slows or slows the absorption of calcium (important for bones).

Discomforts: They produce irritation in the stomach and intestines, or gastritis. They also cause constipation and increase medical expenses due to poor health.

We know that schools are markets where everything is sold, mainly junk food, including the educational process itself (free education with “voluntary fees”, free textbooks and support books, activity notebooks, etc.) and even sale of places, opposition exams, etc.

Students, parents and teachers are priced with parameters designed, from offices far from the school, by technocrats who ignore everything about education.

Currently there is no type of regulation in our country. Thus, the ban on the sale of junk food inside schools would be of great help, to control and gradually eliminate what transnational companies manufacture, but unfortunately for the neoliberals who currently misgoverning the country that is what they care least about.

Our country has the advantage that fruits and vegetables are relatively cheap, however this is not used.

Cooperatives as an educational, cultural, health and democratic work project

This situation makes the construction of an educational project, with a democratic and popular profile, cannot be postponed, aimed at making education the forming instrument of the new protagonist, participatory, creative and creative citizenship, with a broad development of its potentialities, it also seeks to Develop a new community nutritional culture, taking advantage of natural resources.

We intend a new organizational form for school cooperatives, we want to create conditions for the production of healthy food, taking up some guidelines from our Democratic Project of Education and Culture (PDEC) which generate a new food culture.

The healthy nourished family

Build theoretical and practical knowledge about nutrients in food.

Develop healthy and nutritious eating habits (balanced, complete, sufficient, adequate, varied and hygienic) with resources within the reach of the families in the community.

Access knowledge of the social, economic, political and cultural implications of food.

Develop knowledge about the harmful effects on health of processed and / or industrialized food (with chemicals or genetically modified).

Attached is a video where a Peruvian doctor tells us about eating habits that include junk food, which is considered junk food and the damage that excessive consumption of junk food causes to our health. It is devastating and it breaks my heart to see that parents feed their children this type of food on a daily basis since children cannot sustain themselves and must eat what responsible adults provide. Because although I do not agree with eating junk food, adults are grown and make their own decisions, children do not. This is why I say that adults should be the example to follow and should eat better, so that the following generations have better health and better genes. Not only that, we can create a better world full of happy and healthy people if we educate our children about good nutrition.

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Video: Top Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Junk Food (June 2021).