Extracting gold will not improve the situation of stocks

Extracting gold will not improve the situation of stocks

To discuss the region is to discuss politics, "we put into discussion the paradigms that the province has up to now and that have produced evident modifications, the extractive scheme has produced environmental damage, population settlements have been modified, generating many negative externalities. We have found an echo in the social actors to whom this discussion is presented, "concedes Monesterolo. - See more at: orar-la-situacion-de-las-populations -q # sthash.fzhTWchp.dpuf

-Does what we call the "agenda of topics" disappear when El Maitén, Gan Gan or Gastre is visited?

- This is a province that suffers from excessive regionalism. There are three areas that compete permanently, this bid is seen on the political scene without going any further. But that is not Chubut, Chubut is also the plateau, and there is no agenda there and the abandonment of the State in any policy and the absolute isolation that its inhabitants have is palpable. They do not listen to them, regions and people are segregated. Historically.

-When that happens, the miners appear again ...

- It is true, it is that possibilities and knowledge have been hidden here. The populations end up being taken to the "salvage table" of mega-mining without thinking - because the State itself hides - all the residual, all the negative that this has. Some have been led to believe that there are no alternatives, however when it advances in the knowledge of alternatives - which arise with the neighbors of each place - it also advances in the knowledge of potentialities. Very recently the aquifer in the Sacanana region has been known and this allows us to think of a new scheme. Here data has been hidden and mega-mining is presented as salvation and this, it is enough to see the affected populations in any part of the country, it is false. Because ultimately the money is taken by the companies.

-In this regard, there is like a semantic game, it is said "the Sacanana basin can be used for mining and for productive development". Is that so?

-Those who propose it, such as former minister Norberto Yahuar, is a great "Let's do mega-mining for twenty years and then with what we have produced, let's go for a great productive project." This is a fallacy; If there is water, there are real possibilities that - with the intervention of the State - a serious productive project can be carried out independently of any extraction by multinationals. Extracting gold is not going to improve the situation of the stocks, that is the main lie that is to be installed as an absolute truth.

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