RD reduces another polluting substance that depletes the Ozone Layer

RD reduces another polluting substance that depletes the Ozone Layer

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The goal was reached before 2015, the date set by the Montreal Protocol, which establishes a gradual reduction of these pollutants, said Environment in a press release.

It stands out that the aforementioned achievement of reducing the use of this chemical in record time in the country was thanks to the development of the institutional conversion strategy of 12 industries that produce rigid or insulating foams, which used in their process HCFC 141 B and replaced it with environmentally friendly alternatives.

It indicates that the country emitted about 1,200 tons of HCFC in 2013 and to date it has been reduced to 900, which means about 300 tons less, because it has been gradually limiting its consumption. By 2020 the country will have to reduce 35% ¨; by 2025 a 55 and by 2030 eliminate its use completely. The Montreal Protocol was designed to reduce the production and consumption of substances that deplete the ozone layer, reducing their abundance in the atmosphere, thus protecting the fragile ozone layer of our planet. This agreement was concluded on September 16, 1987 and entered into force on January 1, 1989.

It indicates that the environmental institution to reduce the use of these chemicals by 10 percent in different parts of the national territory had an investment of 16 million pesos through financing in equipment and environmental education programs for the personnel of the companies that were converted.

It specifies that the strategies of the program to reduce substances will be intensified through the National Program for the Protection of the Ozone Layer, under the Vice Ministry of Environmental Management of the portfolio. He maintains that the entity will work from 2015 with the domestic, industrial and commercial refrigeration technicians, who will be endowed with their respective certificates.

The importance of this program lies mainly, he adds, in regulating the sector of refrigeration technicians for the care of the environment through the correct management of gases and refrigerant substances since they are the ones that mostly use substances considered harmful to the ozone layer .


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