"Washington Post" alerts on disasters of illegal mining

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The journalist Nick Miroff accompanied a team of police officers and the superior prosecutor for the Coordination of the Specialized Prosecutors in Environmental Matters, Antonio Fernández, in the interdiction work that the Peruvian Government has been carrying out since last year in Madre de Dios to end this crime .

"After years of ignoring the frenzied gold rush that is ravaging the Peruvian Amazon forests, the government has launched a merciless campaign to eliminate it," the report states.

Miroff recalls in the note that per capita fuel consumption in the Madre de Dios region is ten times more than the national average, because the machinery of this crime requires it.

He also notes that there are 40 thousand illegal miners who come mainly from the Andean zone to invade with this activity one of the "most pristine places of the ancestral forests." "In a few years they have finished with about 58 thousand hectares that have instead left deserts with pestilential orange craters that bleed into the rivers when it rains", writes the journalist. Illegal miners dump 30 to 40 tons of mercury into rivers each year, according to government estimates.


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