Amaranth Bombs (Fight Monsanto) - Amaranth is a bomb for GM crops

Amaranth Bombs (Fight Monsanto) - Amaranth is a bomb for GM crops

I hear the news that many farmers are abandoning their GM soy crops in the US due to the impossibility of combating amaranth that grows on their crops as if it were a "weed" (in this case a good one). Roundup Ready GM soy beans had been modified to resist Roundup, Monsanto's herbicide whose active ingredient is glyphosate.

Apparently amaranth grew even in the presence of glyphosate, which made the use of the herbicide more widespread. But it is assumed that there was a transgenic cross between genetically modified soy, immune to glyphosate, and amaranth, with which the latter was able to grow even when fields were massively sprayed with herbicide.

The dominance of amaranth over soybeans has been so great, and the difficulty of eliminating it so much (since the only possibility is by hand) that many farmers in the US have stopped growing transgenic soybeans and some companies no longer show modified seeds in their catalogs .

Monsanto's terror is a plant: Amaranth

Monsanto, if I am not mistaken, has always denied that its technology would be crossed with other crops and plants, but if the crossing with amaranth were true, all its credibility would be destroyed. And let's not talk about the dubious studies that exist on glyphosate!

But what is especially striking about this fact is that it was amaranth itself that took over the soybean crops, destined to alleviate hunger in the world, according to what those who were in favor of transgenic crops said and have always said .

And my attention is drawn to the fact that amaranth is an edible plant with a high nutritional value that can be grown in areas where other cereals and crops cannot.

Amaranth bombs (to fight Monsanto) We will need the following materials:

1 kg of amaranth seed.

1kg of worm humus.

4 kg of Clay.

Water or buttermilk.

(If you want to make less quantity the weights of each material must be equivalent)


1.- In a large tub, mix the seed, clay and humus very well.

2.- We are watering water or buttermilk until it forms a paste that can be moldable.

3.- Take small portions of the pasta and form balls.

4.- Let the balls dry for approximately 2 days in the sun.

5.- If you know transgenic crops, do not hesitate to pay him a visit and let him

some of these balls. Amaranth will do the rest ...

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