Message from an elderly Mapuche woman about Mining

Message from an elderly Mapuche woman about Mining

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The Mapuche (people of the land) are an indigenous people from the south-central zone of Chile and the south-west of Argentina. Some groups that were located in the south of Chile managed to resist the Spanish conquerors with "success" in the Arauco War. Even in the 21st century, both in Chile and Argentina, they have an incalculable wealth in territories, which is constantly haunted by multinationals and companies that exploit natural resources in an almost totally uncontrolled way. For that and more, is that they have claimed their rights and freedoms until today.

In this video, a Mapuche grandmother, named María Torres de Cona, located in the town of Jacobacci, Río Negro, Argentina, speaks to us. With frustration, sadness and helplessness, he tells us briefly about the persecution they are affected by, in general, by Western civilization, being a vivid reflection of what has happened to him and continues to happen to many other peoples, not just in America, but also around the world.

The misunderstanding of their cultures and the little tolerance that exists towards them, makes humanity follow its course without even stopping to listen to them; refusing to enrich ourselves with their worldviews, with respect and love for life, with living in harmony with nature, etc ... values ​​that we have almost totally lost, as human beings.

Video: Threats to Indigenous Peoples in Latin America Today (May 2022).