The revolution of the leaves

The revolution of the leaves

By Carlos Poblete Ávila *

It is common to hear, also to read, that life has become difficult for millions of human beings on the planet, but all the other beings that occupy a place on earth do not escape these complexities. What world have we created? We will be, and will be in a short time 8 billion inhabitants on the face of the earth. Billions of people are predicted to lack the basic livelihoods to live with any dignity, without food, without water, without housing, and without basic services such as education and health and others. Three countries in Asia already have almost half of the current world population.

The magical supposed development of the capitalist system already leaves out, excludes, huge masses of people from the goods and rights indicated.

Every day the great cities of the world are saturated, and their capacities to contain the traffic of vehicles and people are exceeded, with the disastrous addition of air and noise pollution.

In the midst of everything ... it is not about saving each one individually. The human, the positive, the sensitive, the moral and the supportive is to think that we must save to save ourselves. This attitude requires a condition: a state of awareness of all.

To point out that we are not doing well as a human society is not to be pessimistic, it is to start from a reality that must be transformed. One requirement is to overcome subjective obstacles, for example to mutate in ourselves having for being. It is very true that a revolutionary social transformation begins in each subject, if we want that change to be true. I am talking about an ethical revolution.

Nature is revolutionary. The seed at birth breaks the earth, and the plant then feeds on the utter labor of the leaves, the humus is absolute transformation, it is vital energy. Our good Heraclitus, the great observer of the world and of life, the thinker of the flow of the river's waters, said 2500 years ago what this law was.

We humans need to scrutinize more closely the flight of birds, the organization and work of bees, the millennial rolling of stones, and, in our Chilean autumn, discover the revolution of the leaves.

* State professor

Director of the Study Center

Critical Consciousness

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