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Noni fruit juice, Tahitian, is revered by Polynesians for its healing properties, possibly due to the presence of an alkaloid precursor called xeronine, which contributes to the efficacy of proteins at the cellular level.

Noni juice has been used successfully to treat blood sugar problems, injuries, and pain; digestive disorders, depression and many other ailments, it should be taken on an empty stomach.

Noni increases the body's defenses, and a body with good defenses can fight various types of diseases. It contains components that can help the human body to regenerate itself cellularly and increase its defenses, naturally. Some studies have been done in this regard with positive results.

Most of us live sedentary and stressful lives. The effects of aging begin to take effect at an early age. From simple aches, lack of energy and inability to sleep, to more serious challenges such as diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis. Noni can help prevent disease and improve health.

The incredible thing is not the amount of long-term scientific studies done on the fruit and its effects, since there are not yet extensive studies, but rather the experiences lived by people who consume Noni; Whether in the form of juice or other forms, a large number of people report some benefit from consuming noni, even a slight increase in energy in the morning, with a minimum reporting zero benefits. With thousands of thousands of testimonials and experiences totaling, the balance tips towards the positive.

Many people have reported different benefits that Noni has caused on their health. Noni has been shown in different studies to have a more significant impact on the arrest of growth of cancer RAS cells implanted in laboratory animals than other 500 medicinal plant compounds. It has also been found to have a remarkable analgesic effect, it is effective against 7 different kinds of harmful bacteria, and it is effective against fungi and parasites. The list below is a compendium of benefits based on the testimonials of people who consume Noni and claim to feel benefits.




Sun burns





Better circulation






Drug addiction




Pain in Muscles

Digestive system


High pressure


Cancer in the Liver

Kidney Cancer

Menstrual colic

Prostate cancer


In a report presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in May 1992, the Noni fruit was shown to significantly extend the life of mice in which Lewis carcinoma cells had been implanted of the lung. It was concluded that the juice from the Noni fruit appeared to slow the growth of tumors by stimulating the immune system. This research advanced the theory that the compounds contained in Noni juice have the ability to stimulate the activity of T cells in the immune system. In Cancer cases, for example, noni can help control nausea caused by chemotherapy, and in certain cases, improve the condition caused by the disease.

The components of Noni work at the cellular level to produce the regeneration of cells and to improve their functioning.

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