Comer de la Tierra - Huertos, the documentary

Comer de la Tierra - Huertos, the documentary

Every day more people in the city decide to use their leisure as a family planting a garden, discovering the pleasure of eating a product that you have planted, seen grow and collected. Responsible consumption, active ecology and a whole philosophy of life to live with family or friends.

The concern to eat healthy food, regain contact with nature, return to the flavors of before, share seeds, share moments with the "neighbors of orchards".

From the hand of Orchards of the Vega del Tajuña in Madrid, we premiered the documentary "Comer de la Tierra", the idea and history of an orchard. Shared or supervised gardens are designed for people who are not fully dedicated to their garden and have help. This same private idea is also offered by some municipalities, universities or neighborhood associations.

Video: LOS CUIDADOS DE LAS FRESAS!!!! (June 2021).