Marijuana and clonazepam, the collectors of the system to "prosecute" rebels

Marijuana and clonazepam, the collectors of the system to

By Diego Ignacio Mur

Few are prepared to face the truth. Another Universe where the options are endless, with luminous paths discovered by the new consciousness, but also threats and darkness.

The system foresees this phenomenon and has tools to stop the positive nonconformity to evolve and therefore contrary to the interests of the establishment.

Most people looking to get off "the highway" seek to expand onto the collector roads where, sadly, they are swallowed up again by the system. The Rothschild family of the Rothschild banking empire, controls the business of legal and illegal drugs. Through the criminal and speculator George Soros (a Monsanto shareholder) for the release of illegal drugs and through the pharmaceutical laboratories for their legal versions.

Marijuana is not anti-system and rivotril does not help people fight the system. Both drugs work as anxiolytics by modifying the brain at the molecular level and depressing the immune system. Both drugs produce dire side effects after long-term use. Both marijuana users and rivotril users who do not undergo treatment to quit addiction end up becoming clients of the pharmaceutical industry over the years.

Any honest person who perceives reality, light and darkness come in the same package, feels anxious to fight or discover more. And instead of educating the brain to control that anxiety, the system proposes chemical or transgenic substances designed to eliminate or "calm" rebels.

How did you educate your childhood anxiety? Did you need drugs?

You didn't care about anything, but you did.
People who read this article will have seen that doctors are prescribing rivotril to children for false "anxiety disorders" ruling that "anxiety is bad" when our survival depends on it. But in childhood people used anxiety to create, imagine, and play, it was later and after a persistent mental programming of the system against the creative capacity that emotions turned to fear.

In this sense, neither doctors nor marijuana sellers report the following notion clearly stated by Dr. Amodei, a BWN columnist: "Fear is nothing more than a lie that is presented as real. Fear is a state of ignorance. When there is something that is ignored, fear appears. When one has knowledge, there is no fear. And finally fear is an emotion of separation: the creator of reality (each one) believes that they are not united to it ".

No child is prepared to live 24 hours a day in front of a television within 4 walls. Children need to run, get tired, play. They do not need drugs that turn them into zombies and destroy their organic defenses while they are "fed" with toxins that also lack vitamins and the main natural nutrients.

About fear it is appropriate to speak of fear and conflict (system), because when a person experiences the absence of peace, and no matter how subtly it is, it is due to their fear. And fear is always your own creation, your own choice. Because the absence of Peace in this system is usually the need to "fit in" as a social-mental pressure that leads people to stress (rivotril). They want to "fulfill their dreams" designed by banks, be millionaires or buy this or that thing. While for the individuals who decided to reject the system, the banks promote the use of marijuana. And so the "collector roads" were built.

Rivotril or Marijuana for those who fight against the system!

When a person is under stress they need brain nutrients, plain water and exercise, not rivotril. And if on the contrary, you want to avoid stress by staying away from the system, smoking marijuana is definitely not the way. Because otherwise the cannabis addict will one day find himself in an establishment hospital, stressed out alongside a rivotril addict. Both with seizures, without immune systems and with serious damage to the body.
To combat stress, we recommend walking 40 minutes a day. Drink at least 2 liters of extra water. A good detoxification treatment with magnesium sulfate (using a tablespoon diluted in a glass of water every morning), leave meats, eat only organic plant foods. Take a lot of sun (vitamin D), and find a hobby to "disconnect". In addition, consult a responsible specialist about the nutrients that your brain needs, and undergo treatment with a psychologist to educate anxiety (without rivotril).
And for those who feel absolutely free from the system and who honestly gave up the dreams designed by the banks… Don't ruin it with marijuana! It is a hook to drag them back to the matrix.
Any emotion must be creative, not destructive. Never feel like "you know them all." I asked for help because I assure you that there are people who know more than you. Zapatero to his shoe and meanwhile, marijuana or rivotril can be eliminated from your body forever, and you can recover.
BWN Argentina

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