P-84B Thunderjet

P-84B-1-RE 45-59504 PS-504
Photo: Republic Archives in Cradle of Aviation Museum via E. J. Boss


This is the aircraft which we have in the museum. This photo was taken in 1947, but the plane was almost a derelict by the time we got it in the late 1980s. After much rehabilitation, it looks pretty good, but not like this. Notice the main landing gear fairings, made of three sections, with the top two overlapping. There is very little equipment in the aft area under the canopy. The pitot tube is on the fin, and the tail light in a small plastic fairing above the rudder. An antenna wire slants down from just below the pitot, ending on the right side of the fuselage just below the canopy. The wire was eliminated shortly afterwards, and was replaced by one on the inside of the canopy. The wheels and struts are Bendix, with open spokes on the nose wheel and solid ribbed ones on the main landing gear. All were hydraulic retracting and shrinking, through the C-models. The aft end of the fuselage, or ejector, was elliptical up through the D-models. Main landing gear wheels were 30 x 7.7, and nose, 19 x 6.8 through the D-model. E. J. Boss.

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