F-84E Thunderjet

F-84E-?-RE -- FS-143 -- SN 50-1143
Photo: Fred Nickel

F-84E Auxiliary Fuel Tank

Fin on the auxiliary fuel-tank on the F-84E at USAF Museum, Dayton, Ohio. Also visible is the ventral tank-seam fairing and the cone fairing on the aft end of the tank. It is not wise to depend on one photo or one aircraft to make a conclusion about a particular feature (presuming the feature is not a "one-off" field addition or a prototype). I mention this, because an article in Scale Aviation Modeller International, Volume 3, Issue 5, includes ten color photos of a French F-84G on page 313. For one of the photos, the author's caption states:
"Oh bugger! Looking at this shot I can see my error. I have placed the finlets on the tanks flush with the trailing edge, when in fact they extend past that point. A bit of modification may be called for I fear."
The author made the presumption that the fins extend past the end of the tanks because the cone fairing is missing on both auxiliary tanks on that aircraft. In fact, as can be seen in this photo (and many others of F-84 auxiliary tanks), the trailing edge of the fin is in line with the aft end of the cone fairing. Bruce Craig.

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