F-84 Photos by Guido Van Roy

Photo Copyright 2000 Guido Van Roy; used by permission.

F-84F, Belgian Air Force FU-123, Mirage decoy

F-84F "Thundermirage," Belgian Air Force FU-123, modified as a decoy to resemble a Mirage. Photographed at Beauvechain airbase.
After the operational career of the Belgian machines was over, several aircraft were converted into non-airworthy decoys resembling the F-84F's successor : the Mirage. The conversion consisted in removing the horizontal tail surfaces, modifying the wing surface into a delta shape and adding fake fuselage side inlets and a tapered nose. Undoubtedly, this looked quite convincingly from the air, but viewed from close range at ground level the crude work becomes apparent. It is worthy of note that some decoys even received fake Mirage serials.

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