F-84 Photo from Republic from the collection of Jon Brunker

Used by permission

F-84G FS-107 taking off from Honolulu

The photo identification stamp on the back of this photo reads:
91753, H-12193.

The information label on the back of this photo reads:
LONGER LEGS, HEAVIER PUNCH: Republic's F-84G, Korean battle-tested Thunderjet, is the first USAF fighter to refuel in mid-air & carry the atomic bomb. The USAF Thunderjet wings made the first trans-oceanic mass flights over both the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans. More recently they set a new distance record, flying 4,485 miles non-stop from Turner AF Base to Lakenheat, England. All of these historic flights employed the mid-air refueling technique. This ability to move over long distances in large numbers, coupled with the T-Jet's ability to carry the atomic bomb, has given the U.S. Air Force and the 16 nations in which the plane serves a uniquely powerful weapon against aggression. This photograph shows the F-84G taking off from Honolulu during the historic "Fox Peter I" operation in the summer of 1952. In this operation the 31st Strategic Fighter Wing flew from the U.S. to Japan in the first mass movement of an entire jet wing across the pacific.

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