F-84G Thunderjet

This page compares the canopy decks in the F-84G 48th scale Tamiya kit, the Cutting Edge resin set, and the Aires mixed media detail set. In the photo, left to right are Tamiya kit canopy deck, Cutting Edge resin canopy deck, and Aires resin canopy deck.

Compare three canopy deck parts

The Tamiya canopy deck has only the bare minimum of under canopy equipment detail. It begs for additional details to be added. This is one part of the model that is readily visible, and one where the kit part just doesn't cut it. An aftermarket detail part is in order. The Cutting Edge resin replacement canopy deck is full of detail. But, is it accurate? And, the Aires resin replacement canopy deck is also full of detail. But, there is that question again -- is it accurate? When the two parts are compared, it is obvious they are different; some equipment is different and the spacing of equipment is different. I compared the parts to the Republic drawings for the G-model and with photographs of an E-model. Generally, this is what I found. The back half of the Cutting Edge part and the front half of the Aires part match the Republic drawings of the G-model. The back half of the Aires part matches the photos of the E-model. That doesn't mean they aren't correct for a particular aircraft -- there's no question that there were many changes made to the Thunderjet during production and in the field. So, in this case, you the model builder will have to decide what "accurate" means for your purposes.


After comparing the canopy deck parts, I conclude it is a "must" to either toss the kit part and use one of these detail parts, or to do lots of super detailing to the kit part. Which detail part to use? You could always get both and patch the front half of the Aires with the back half of the Cutting Edge! Or, you could just chose one and go with it.

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